COVID-19 Response

23rd March 2020

Dear Valued Members,

At this difficult time, we need your support, if we don’t have you we cannot exist. We are a small family business and every single membership is needed and valued and we are so grateful for you! We have made a commitment to provide you with LIVE STREAM and ON-DEMAND (direct access links at the end of this post) classes so that you do not need to cancel or suspend your membership with us and you can continue with your self-care which is extremely important in these changing times.

Temporarily we will be postponing IN STUDIO classes as per government recommendations. We will be LIVE STEAMING morning and evening classes, please book for the LIVE STREAMING classes on Mindbody, the same way as you book for studio classes. WE WILL SEND YOU A LINK TO ACCESS THE LIVE STREAM 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO CLASS (make sure your details are correct and use the sign in for your HOME studio – where you signed up) if you have trouble signing up email us and we will help. Classes will be added on to MINDBODY throughout the day today (tonight is already up).

LIVE STREAM classes will be accessible for ALL MEMBERSHIPS (yes you can use a class pass or casual visit!). These LIVE STREAM classes will also be uploaded to our ON-LINE ON-DEMAND system, which is accessible to unlimited members ONLY (email us for individual access). If you would like ON-DEMAND flexibility you will need to join ANY of our unlimited memberships (excluding 14 day passes) via our website or MINDBODY (not through Vimeo) – we can put a hold on class passes if you would like to access the unlimited option for the ON-DEMAND classes.

We thank you for your support during this very challenging time, we hope that these new options will allow you to be able to continue with us so that our beautiful communities can make it through. We would like to acknowledge that this is also tough time for you and your family and we are sending best wishes your way, please take care and we will see you back in studio in the future.

Thank you,

Kellie and the Change Yoga Team

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