Health, Safety & Ettiquete

Prepare for class

  • Arrive hydrated
  • Don’t eat for 1.5 hours before class
  • Wear clothes you can sweat and move in comfortably
  • Bring your mat
  • Towels are available to hire
  • Blocks and straps are provided
  • Complete our Health Waiver Form or download a printable version and bring it with you to your first class

Change Yoga & Wellness Etiquette

Arrive at least ten minutes before class (there is no late admittance and door will be locked before class commences)

Check-in at reception for all classes

Do not bring any personal belongings in the yoga room other than water, mat and towel (there are places in the reception area for valuables)

Observe silence in the yoga room

Do not bring your phone in the yoga room unless you are an emergency services provider on call

Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions

Let your teacher know if you have an injury, illness or are pregnant

You may lie down at any time to rest, but commit to staying in the room for the whole class (unless you must leave due to an emergency)

Allow yourself at least five classes to acclimatise to the temperature and become familiar with the movements

Wipe down your mat and the surrounding space before you leave the studio

Make the most out of your membership

Try as many different teachers and classes as you can. You may find you enjoy a style of class you hadn’t expected to, because you resonate with that teacher’s delivery. Not sure about hot yoga? Just have a go. No idea what Barre is? That’s OK, just try it.

Our classes are designed for all abilities and our crew is skilled in teaching at all levels. Take advantage of the variety of classes and teachers we offer to make the most of your membership.

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