About Change Yoga 

Change came to life from an observed need (by Dr Kellie Toohey – AEP, her family, and the Change Teachers) for connection, community, safe exercise/movement practices, and education.

People are often under the assumption that they need to push to their hardest intensity level when choosing movement or exercise programs. At Change Yoga, we’re here to change that perception and to educate others on how this isn’t always the case. We can approach movement in a different way, and do the opposite; see movement as a kind and soft activity that nurtures you.

Our focus is nurturing and caring for our community, guiding them to achieve their goals with intelligent offerings and smart, wholehearted teachers.

Our aim is to work with people so that they can heal from the inside out and helping them align and fulfil their life’s goals and purpose.

Our studios are designed to bring you in to a calm and comfortable environment, where you can breathe and feel intentional in the space.

Intricately designed to nurture the community and promote connection and support.

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats are highly sought after and sell out regularly, a beautiful testament to the team and the clever offerings under the guidance of a Dr of Exercise Physiology.

Our Crew


Founder & Teacher 
PowerFlow, SlowFlow, Yin, Pilates, FunctionalHIIT


PowerFlow, SlowFlow, Yin, Restorative


Pilates & FunctionalHIIT


PowerFlow & SlowFlow


PowerFlow, SlowFlow, Yin, Pilates


PowerFlow, SlowFlow, Yin, Pilates


Pilates, Barre, FunctionalHIIT


PowerFlow, SlowFlow, Yin, Pilates



PowerFlow, SlowFlow, Yin


PowerFlow, SlowFlow & Yin


PowerFlow, SlowFlow & Yin

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