A class for everyone

Slow Flow and Power Flow classes are heated 26 – 30 degrees celsius.

Authentic teachers will bring their unique style to assist students in creating strong, grounded, stable, flexible and calm bodies and minds.  Every class at Change Yoga & Wellness is what you make of it. Our teachers will guide you in our beautiful, warm space. You will be welcomed with love and kindness and made to feel comfortable in every session. Each of our classes will explore different themes and postures to energise and develop your practice.

Slow flow YOGA

Perfect for beginners and the experienced student. Change Yoga & Wellness signature slow flow centers on individual progression and philosophy in a warm environment aimed at enhancing structural freedom and providing support. The 60-minute practice encompasses strength and stability with a focus on deep core strengthening, followed by a guided relaxation. Students are welcome to lie down and rest any time they need to. All abilities welcome.

Power flow YOGA

A contemporary yoga flow class allows students to practice a dynamic flow sequence aimed at improving fitness, strength, flexibility and mind set. Beginners through to the advanced yogi are warmly welcomed. All abilities are welcome.

restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a practice of passive healing. It is intended to carry the student into a deep state of relaxation by completely supporting the body in propped postures. Restorative yoga is a great complement to the busy lifestyle for the modern-day human.


Pilates builds strong bodies with improved physique, confidence and can assist in reducing back pain.  Mental and physical strength can be developed with regular practice, mindfully creating an alignment for everyday activities.

Functional HIIT

This class will look after your heart, muscles and bones! It is a mindful functional prehabilitation movement class designed carefully to build fitness, function, bone density and strength. A mix of body-weight and equipment based exercises using an interval-training format for the first 30 minutes. The last section of the class may include myofascial release techniques with tennis balls and rollers and long hold stretching to relieve tension, pain and create calm. Options are offered for beginners, all levels welcome.


Our unique barre classes are an infusion of dance, Pilates, strength, stability and relaxation. Movements are derived from ballet, Pilates and yoga. The aim of this class is to improve function, energise, sculpt and stretch your entire body.  In the 60-minute class, expect to burn fat and calories.


Meditation is an ancient eastern practice that provides medicine for the mind. Slowing down in a warm envirnment will assist in creating clarity, focus and calmness. Meditation can assist with coping with challenging situations, managing stress and improving negative mindset. 


Yin yoga usually consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the hips, pelvis, inner thighs and spine.  These areas are especially rich in connective tissues.

Yin yoga is for you if you are tired and craving energy or you’re over-stimulated and have too much energy; if your mind is overactive or your energy levels erratic.


This restorative yoga class is designed to improve mobility, stability, strength and calm. Oncology yoga is open to people at any part of their cancer journey. 

Fundamentals Yoga

If you have never experienced yoga before, the best place to begin is with this Fundamentals Yoga course. You will spend more time learning the physical postures and how to safely develop your yoga practice.  This course is designed to build your confidence, familiarity, and strength all of which you can take to a regular yoga practice when you are ready. Drop in students also welcome

deep flow yoga

DeepFlow is a practice designed to guide you deeper in all senses of the word. Expect slow, strong movements and times of stillness and inner, mindful attention. Each practice may include a dedicated time of pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra and meditation. Not your average modern yoga class, this practice is for those looking to explore the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a yoga practice in a safe and welcoming environment. All levels welcome. Come deeper with us!

soul flow yoga

SoulFlow is a mix of both the Yang and Yin elements of yoga, a nurturing, balance, and calm yoga proactive that assists in balancing energy, restoring flexibility, and building strength.

Our SoulFlow classes bring together the benefits of both passively held yoga poses in combination with a nurturing flow sequence.

SoulFlow is a slower practice that includes poses that are passively held for long periods, working the deep, dense connective tissues and joints in the body. In contrast, the flow section is a component of this offering that refers to a more active yoga practice. This works on the muscles and improves blood flow, builds strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Expect to feel calm, nurtured, and released at the end of this soulful practice.

A perfect practice for all levels, including beginners.


Roll & Release

Roll & Release is like a massage and yin class all in one!

Sometimes localised areas of tension develop in the body and are hard to shift through stretching alone. Roll & Release is a self-care class targetting muscles that are tense or constantly “on” and have difficulty switching off (knots or trigger points). These tight muscles can often lead to a loss in joint range, power, and endurance and should receive some special attention.

This class targets the deep tissues with direct pressure using blocks, rollers, and tennis balls creating an increase in blood and lymph fluid circulation to the area which creates a facial release. This allows nutrients to enter the area of tension or tightness and waste products to move out creating space for the facia to soften and the muscle fibres to turn “off” and return to a more rested state.

A warning that targeting muscles in this way can have its challenges but with regular practice, it will become less intense. If you are very tight you can experience strong emotions, aversions, and lots of tension in the mind and thoughts, this is where we bring in the yoga practice – you will be able to rest and also sit with the strong sensations and observe the relaxation in the tissues.

is yoga for everyone

Yoga is suitable for nearly everyone, just keep in mind that it is exercise and some classes are held in a room heated up to 30 degrees


Is yoga for everyone?

Yoga is suitable for nearly everyone, just keep in mind that it is exercise in a room heated up to 30˚C.

We require a letter from your doctor to participate if you:
Are Pregnant
Are under 16 years old
Have a serious cardio-vascular condition including hypertension, hypotension or heart failure
Have a history of heart condition or stroke
Are currently using diuretics, barbiturates or beta-blockers

Please fill out our health waiver BEFORE your first class. Please also let your teacher know of any injuries BEFORE your first class.

Printable version available here.

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